Introduction ISO 9001:2015

CoursesIntroduction ISO 9001:2015
Date and time31 October 2024
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Day course
Price3.900,- ex VAT
Registration deadline30 September 2024

Get equipped to manage and implement ISO 9001:2015

Course description: 
Gain insight and understanding of the structure and dynamics of ISO 9001, including the impact this has on the entire thinking behind management standards.
The course will give you an understanding of the new High Level Structure (HLS) - the common framework for all management standards, as well as a basic insight into how to implement the standard.

Target group: 
The course is aimed at people who work with or want to work with quality management systems on a daily basis.

You will gain a basic knowledge of the content of ISO 9001:2015, including a deeper insight into the standard's requirements for building a quality management system.
The course provides an understanding of the benefits of integrated management systems and how management systems create value for your organisation.

Kristian Glæsel, who has been project manager for ISO's development of the international occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001:2018. 
Kristian Glæsel has many years of experience with management standards in practice and teaching

Minimum number of participants:
Basically 4 people - for synergy and knowledge sharing between participants.