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Glaesel HSEQ Management offers you specialised education and training in different management systems.

All our courses are available in both Danish and English. If you would like a course in English, please contact us so we can plan the desired course together. Alternatively, tick the box on the registration form if you want the course in English.

Our experience and expertise in management systems enables us to offer tailored training programmes that help managers improve their skills and further develop their knowledge in quality, environmental, health & safety and energy management systems.

We also train managers to implement the latest best practicesand comply with all relevant standards and regulations.

With our education and training programmes, management can be sure that they are fully equipped to handle the management system in an efficient and successful way.

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IRCA Registration: 
We are often asked if our courses are registered with IRCA.
The simple answer is NO. We value our freedom to design our programmes based on the mix of students and the latest knowledge in the field. If we were to register our courses, we would be bound to deliver our programmes in a very specific way, with very little opportunity to adapt to the students and their needs. 
So what is the guarantee of the quality of the training we deliver?
Being involved in the development of the standards internationally and thus having the latest knowledge in the field, combined with 20 years of auditing experience, we are among the most experienced and knowledgeable companies you can find when it comes to interpreting and understanding the management standards.
This is our brand and our guarantee to you to provide the best training in the field.