Supplier Audit

CoursesSupplier Audit
Date and time26-27 August 2024
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Price12.500,- ex VAT
Registration deadline30 July 2024

Join the course and learn how to conduct audits according to the specific requirements and expectations that come with auditing your suppliers.

Supplier auditing is in many ways the most difficult of all audit disciplines and should therefore be handled by auditors with specialised skills. Supplier audit (supplier audit, 2nd party audit) is a specialised discipline within the audit technique, which unfortunately is often treated too lightly and in general terms. 

Why is this type of audit so particularly difficult? 
Firstly, the basis for supplier audits is created in a contractual framework where the buyer or contract manager often has very little - or in many cases no - knowledge of the audit process. Therefore, the contractual basis does not create the right room for manoeuvre to ensure a successful audit. 

Secondly, the knowledge level of the auditors deployed is often sparse, especially when it comes to auditing techniques. 

The consequence of this may be that the organisation is acting in bad faith by auditing a supplier and may not be able to uncover the real issues. The supplier will always be able to claim that the auditor was present at the site and had no comments.

The following focus areas are addressed

  • Conduct audits on the right terms.
  • Ensure correct wording around auditing in contracts
  • Ensure the right professionalism for the supplier audit assignment

Kristian Glæsel, who has been project manager for ISO's development of the international occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001:2018. 
Kristian Glæsel has many years of experience with management standards in practice and teaching.

Minimum participants:
As a starting point, 4 people. - for synergy and knowledge sharing between participants